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Video shows a crazed man murdering 2 people on a shooting spree at a hotel. Suspect shot a cop in the face

24-year-old Isaiah Williams murdered 2 people, shot 2 police officers, and shot 3 more people during a mass shooting at a hotel in Phoenix, AZ on August 28, 2022. Misael Arevalo, 36, and Karla Garzona, 44, are among the dead victims.

Isaiah was wearing tactical gear and a helmet when he shot people with a semi-automatic rifle.

Around 8:30 p.m., Phoenix police received a call about shots fired at a hotel on West Deer Valley Road.

Surveillance video shows the suspect Isaiah leaving a room at a motel in the area and going on a shooting spree. The suspect is seen firing his rifle into the motel then turning the rifle on a car pulling into the parking lot. Two people inside that car died on the scene from gunshot wounds.

The suspect is also seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at a restaurant window. The explosive did not ignite. Isaiah then walks toward the hotel lobby and points his gun at employees. Isaiah then walks to the pool area and fires shots at hotel customers. 

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3 customers were shot. 

As officers arrived in the area, Isaiah immediately opened fire on several fully marked patrol SUV’s. Four patrol cars were riddled with bullets. One officer was struck by a bullet in the shoulder, a second officer was hit by shrapnel in multiple places including the face.

The officer shot in the shoulder was able to get out of his car and return fire in the direction of the suspect before other officers came to his aid to remove him from the area for medical treatment. The suspect was elusive enough to avoid being shot by cops.

Other arriving officers began evacuating nearby businesses and bringing community members to a safe place.

Isaiah then shoots himself in the head. Isaiah died on the scene. The suspect was found with a semi-automatic gun, several bullets, incendiary devices, a gas mask, and a helmet.

All three wounded victims were treated at local hospitals and released. The 2 shot police officers are in critical condition.