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On June 20, 2021 video shows a shooting occured where a father, his 11-year-old son, and another person were shot. 

The shooting was in Detroit, Michigan. At 8 a.m. a male suspect exited a Chrysler 300 vehicle and shot an AK-47 several times at a black SUV. A man was driving the SUV; the man's son and another person were also in the SUV.

All victims in the SUV were shot. The suspect vehicle continues to drive forward as the suspect shoots.

The suspect then gets back into the passenger's side of the Chrysler 300 and flees. The SUV is seen driving forward into oncoming traffic, seemingly in an uncontrolled manner.  

The SUV then wrecks into a pole in a parking lot across the street. 

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Several dozen shots were fired into the SUV.

The victims were hospitalized and are in stable condition.