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Watch gripping video of a shoot-out involving Glocks and AK-47's

A gang shootout resulted in over 600 shots being fired in Louisville, Kentucky on January 1, 2023. Above surveillance video shows the violent moments. 

The shooting was just minutes into the New Year. 2 gangs began shooting at each other behind the MacMahan Plaza. The shooting went on for over a minute non stop.

Over 600 shots were fired and there were around 40 different guns used, including AK-47s and Glocks. There were cars that were shot into, as well as apartments, windows, and walls.

Surprisingly, no one was shot or killed in the shooting. This was the largest shootout in Louisville history.


Video shows 2 men were shot in a drive-by shooting.

Surveillance footage shows a murder at a mall during a triple shooting. 

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