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Watch video of a bug in a kid's food that was purchased from an American Deli in Charlotte

On June 14, 2021 a woman visited the American Deli located at 3124 Eastway Drive Charlotte, NC. But much to her surprise a flying insect was in her food. The woman purchased the food for her 9-year-old son. 

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When her son opened the box to eat his food, the insect was alive and stuck to the sauce which was under the fries. Video shows the insect moving frantically. 

The young boy alerted his mother about the insect in his food. The mother immediately turned around her vehicle and went back to the American Deli.

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The mother returned and demanded a refund. However, American Deli employees first refused to refund the woman, knowing and seeing the bug in the food. 

The mother threatened that she was going to call the county health department. It was then that American Deli refunded the loving mother her money. 

The mother also tried to contact the corporate office of American Deli, but they never answered the phone.

American Deli performs poorly on food safety inspections often. On June 15, 2021 an American Deli restaurant scored an 85 B during a food safety inspection.

The American Deli restaurant located at Beatties Ford Rd. Charlotte, NC received an 87.50 health score during a inspection.

An American Deli restaurant received an 86 health score partly because of poor hand washing.