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On July 23, 2021 at approximately 8:30 A.M. a 36-year-old mother and her 8-month-old baby daughter were ran over by a drunk driver in Yonkers, NY. The baby was stuck under the car. 43-year-old David Poncurack was operating a car that struck a curb. The car then hit a parked vehicle and then hit the mother and her baby as they were crossing the street. 

The mother was holding her baby in her arms, and attempted to run away from the collision, but the car hit them anyway. 

After the collision, the car continued to accelerate into the storefront of a barbershop.

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Officers saw the crash and immediately went to investigate. The officers came to realize that the adult female pedestrian and her infant daughter were injured and were trapped under the vehicle. 

Several men and women lifted the car off of the baby and the mother. Both the mother and baby were rescued and given medical aid. 

The mother sustained a serious femur fracture and the baby sustained a skull fracture along with 3rd degree burns to her back and foot. Both the mother and the infant were transported to a local trauma center where they are still being treated but are expected to survive their injuries. 

The owner of the barber shop sustained a minor laceration.

David had a suspended license and allegedly an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle. Due to the nature of the incident, a test was conducted to determine the alcohol content of David's blood.

David was placed under arrest and charged with driving while intoxicated, vehicular assault, and aggravated unlicensed operation.