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On October 6, 2021 a car engine exploded on Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC. The car fire occurred on the same day as the new owner purchased the car. A mother had just purchased the car from a dealership on Independence Blvd.

Within several minutes of driving the car off the lot and on the expressway, the mother heard a loud pop, and the car caught fire, a while her kids were in the vehicle, including a 2-year old child.


The mother stopped the car on the side of the expressway and tried to exit, but the car doors kept locking and for a brief moment, the mother and kids were stuck in a hot burning car on fire. They were eventually able to get out of the car. The mother is traumatized from the encounter, along with the kids. 

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Emergency personnel arrived on scene, thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

The mother complained to the dealership and they attempted to give a refund for just the $600 down payment.