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New video shows a Concord Mills Mall shooting when a man was killed by police

Dominic Jeter, 23, was shot by police at Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC on August 31, 2022. Dominic later died at the hospital. Wuanell Hernandez, 21, and Christian Tyson, 21, were arrested during the shoot out.

Dominic Jeter

Dominic Jeter

The shooting was in the afternoon at Concord Mills Mall. Police were searching for suspects accused of stealing a credit card. Police spotted Dom, Wuanell, and Christian at the mall and began chasing them, assuming they were the suspects.

Wuanell and Christian were able to run to a construction area in the mall and briefly avoid police.

Dominic is accused of running from police and possessing a gun. Cops say Dominic shot at them inside Concord Mills Mall. Officers returned fire and shot Dominic multiple times inside the mall.

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Concord Mills Mall immediately went on lock down as customers heard the shots and ran screaming for help. Store gates were seen closing. The mall was eventually evacuated.

Dominic was taken to the hospital by medical helicopter.

Wuanell and Christian were arrested at the mall and charged with obtaining property by false pretenses.

Dominic died on September 1, 2022 per the shooting. Dominic died at the hospital.

A few days later a victim was murdered at the Walmart across the street from Concord Mills Mall.