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Video shows a mall shooting, 2 dead. Cops get shot everyday

Recently released video shows the moments 35-year-old Czyz Harrison was killed by police at the PlazAmericas mall in Houston, Texas. Czyz shot and killed a cop at the mall identified as Neil Adams, 62.

The mall shooting was on February 23, 2022 at 4 p.m. Czyz went to the PlazAmericas mall and began shooting. People began running.

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Czyz shot Deputy Neil during the chaotic turn of events. 911 was called and additional officers responded to the scene.

Officers entered the mall and confronted Czyz. The suspect then ran at officers with a knife. A officer then shot Czyz several times. Czyz fell to the ground but got up a few seconds later, officers then tased him. 

Czyz and Deputy Neil were taken to the hospital where they both died. Neil Adams was a deputy constable for San Jacinto County.