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Watch as a cop's legs get burnt to a crisp, after his fellow cop fires a taser on gasoline. Remember the fire guy from the Fantastic 4 movie?

Newly released May 2022 video shows the moments a cop was set on fire at a Wawa gas station in Osceola County, Florida. Jean Barreto, 26, was filing up his motorcycle at the Wawa gas station when he was tackled and tasered by cops on February 27, 2022.

The encounter began when Jean and his friends were riding motorcycles and dirt bikes in large groups through out Osceola County. Several 911 calls were made in attempts to stop the group.

As officers responded, traffic stops were attempted, but most of the riders sped off and didn't stop. Jean separated from the group and stopped at a Wawa gas station to fill his motorcycle. 

Cops moved in and tackled Jean, throwing him off the motorcycle. Large amounts of gas spilled out of the bike as it went to the ground. A taser was shot at Jean by a deputy. Jean was immediately engulfed in flames.

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Several deputies also caught on fire due to the taser. One deputy's legs and waist was set on fire. The deputy is seen screaming in agony as flames stretched out through his lower body.  

The deputy is seen rolling on the ground to get the flames put out. The flames were eventually extinguished. A gas pump was also set on fire, but a fire extinguisher was nearby to help put that fire out.

The deputies involved were not identified. Jean was taken to the hospital, 75% of his body was burned. He now has to undergo a special surgery to get new skin. The state fire marshal says that the fire was caused because the officer used his taser on gasoline.

The deputy whose legs were set on fire received 3rd degree burns. The deputy that fired the taser faces negligence charges. When Jean is released from the hospital he will be charged with fleeing and eluding law enforcement, reckless driving, and resisting arrest without violence.

The sheriff said the deputy's "reckless" actions violated department policy.