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Watch as idiotic cops shoot an innocent man, cops had the wrong house during a raid

New video shows the moments a innocent man was shot by police in Cherokee County, North Carolina. Jason Harley Kloepfer, 41, was wrongfully shot several times by police during a raid on December 13, 2022. Cops had the wrong house, and shot Jason with no cause. In fact, Jason was disabled before the shooting. 

A 911 call came through regarding shots fired in the neighborhood that Jason lived in near

Upper Bear Paw Road.

The Cherokee Indian Police Department and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office wrongly assumed that the shots came from Jason's house and they wrongly assumed that Jason was the shooter. So they got a search warrant to raid Jason's home.

Jason was sleep during the shooting and was not involved at all.

The SWAT team falsely arrived at Jason's home. The police then put a rolling robotic camera inside Jason's home. The robot has a flash light on it and can be seen on video rolling on the ground.

Jason and his wife are sleeping as cops outside on an intercom speaker shout for Jason to come out of the home with his hands up.

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Confused, Jason awakes with his wife and they get out of bed. Jason sees the robotic camera on the floor and picks it up.

Jason and his wife approach the front door. Jason comes out of the house with his hands up and the robot in his hand.

The police then made the stupid decision to shoot Jason multiple times for no reason. Police were monitoring the robotic camera via a live video feed, so the cops knew that Jason had the robot in his hand.

Jason falls to the ground after being shot, and his wife screams that Jason is shot. Jason's wife comes out of the house and cops detain her. Cops then drag Jason out of the house as he asks, "why did you shoot me?"

SWAT team members then enter the house and don't find anything illegal. Jason was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Jason was then falsely arrested charged with communicating threats and resisting, obstruction, and delay.

Cops then made false statements regarding the shooting.

Police lied and said Jason was a suspected shooter and he engaged in a verbal altercation with officers, while emerging from his home and confronting officers.

However, the video refutes the police department's account of the situation.

It is not clear if Jason has an attorney yet, but he will likely sue the police department, the sheriff's office, and each officer individually that was involved in the shooting.