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Watch as an angry customer at hibachi restaurant throws bottles and food at employees

Video shows employees at a Genjigo hibachi restaurant getting food and soda bottles thrown at them. The incident occurred on September 21, 2022 in Westerville, Ohio.

30-year-old Michael Smith was in the restaurant returning a messed up order. Genjigo staff were in the process of correcting his order. Michael was on the phone waiting for his new food order.

Michael was yelling on the phone and using profanity with the person on the other side of the call. A Genjigo employee asked Michael to lower his voice, and then all hell broke loose.

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Michael is seen yelling at the Genjigo employee. Michael then throws food at the female employee. If that wasn't enough, Michael then throws several full soda bottles at the employees.

Michael then gets into a physical altercation with a customer. Michael then leaves the restaurant. The encounter forced Genjigo to close for the day.

Michael was arrested days later and charged with assault and vandalism.