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Heralding video shows a mass shooting at a hospital, 2 nurses were killed, new born baby under gunfire

Surveillance video shows the moments 2 hospital workers were murdered at Methodist Dallas Medical Center on October 22, 2022 in Dallas, Texas. Nestor Hernandez, 30, is the man accused of murdering Jacqueline Pokuaa, 45, and 63-year-old Katie Annette Flowers, both women were hospital workers at the medical center. Nestor also pistol whipped his girlfriend who had just given birth to his baby.

The time was around 10:30 a.m. when Nestor walked into the hospital and went to the room where his girlfriend and newborn baby were.

Jacqueline Pokuaa, Katie Annette Flowers, and Nestor Hernandez

Jacqueline Pokuaa, Katie Annette Flowers, and Nestor Hernandez

Nestor then began beating his girlfriend in the head with a pistol gun. The woman began screaming.

Jacqueline heard the commotion and entered the room where Nestor, the baby, and his girlfriend were at. Nestor is then accused of shooting Jacqueline dead.

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Katie heard the screaming and gunshots and quickly was running for aid, but Nestor is accused of shooting Katie during that aid pursuit. Katie died at the hospital.

Police were already on scene for general security, they heard the shots and took action.

Officers are seen taking cover and trying to talk to Nestor. His girlfriend can be heard screaming in the background, "Do not shoot him, he needs attention, my baby is bleeding."

A officer then shoots Nestor in the leg as he is coming out of the room with a gun, all of the murders and shots fired were in front of the baby. More blood hurling screams are heard. Nestor later comes out of the room as police move in to arrest him.

Nestor was charged with 2 counts of murder and other violent offenses.

Nestor was out of prison on parole after getting an eight year sentence in 2015 for aggravated robbery.