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Watch as the suspect tried breaking in the house and got dropped by the daddy of his ex-girlfriend

22-year-old James Rayl was shot and killed while he was attempting an home invasion in Sidney, Ohio on July 31, 2022. James was killed by the father of his ex-girlfriend, video shows.

In the afternoon James is seen on video coming to the victim's home. The day prior James had called his ex-girlfriend and left a voicemail saying he wanted to talk with her. The ex-girlfriend never returned James's phone call.

James comes to the victim's home and knocks on the door, James then begins ramming the door with force, and breaking the door open.

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The father of the ex-girlfriend yells for James to stop, and warns that he has a gun. None of that stops James and he continues breaking in the door.

That is when the father opens fire and shoots James 3 times in the upper body. James quickly gets the message and flees away from the front door and walks to the garage. James then falls to the ground.

James died on the scene. Police arrived and analyzed the situation. A grand jury later decided not to charge anyone in the case. After the shooting the ex-girlfriend said that she could tell that James was going to do something stupid by the way he was talking in the voicemail he left her.