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On April 2, 2021 a Walmart employee deliberately drove their car into the Walmart store on Thunder Road in Concord, NC around 6 a.m. The Walmart is near Concord Mills mall. Walmart had fired the employee earlier this week, and the former employee chose to retaliate.

The former Walmart employee drove a vehicle into the front entrance doors of Walmart. The suspect was not done though, the suspect then drove around the store in the car, destroying product displays, shelves, and merchandise. Customers and employees ran in a panic. There were no reported injuries, but that is likely to change as the situation develops.

911 was called and the suspect was convinced by police to exit the vehicle. The suspect was arrested. No information on the suspects identity is known at the moment.

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The Walmart will remain closed for the remainder of the day, as extensive damage was done to the Walmart.