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Horrible foster parents are seen on video abusing their foster children

In September 2019 Timothy and Diane Combs were sentenced to time in prison for abusing their foster children in their Dearborn County, Indiana home. Diane saw to it that a diaper filled with human feces was placed in a child's mouth for potty punishment.

Both of the despicable foster parents pled guilty.

Diane Combs and Timothy Combs

Diane pled guilty to charges of aggravated battery and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Timothy pleaded guilty to three counts of battery and is serving 13 years in prison.

The abuse the children suffered was recorded on a cell phone by an teenage foster child. The video shows a 4-year-old and 6-year-old standing next to the recliner Diane was sitting in when she asked the 6-year-old if his pull-up pants were dry because if not, the boy would be in trouble.

Diane then touches the boy’s bottom and slapped him with a force that knocked him to the ground. Diane made the boy open his mouth and put a diaper in it, the diaper was filled with human feces.

Timothy is seen on video picking up and dropping a child on the floor, while then kicking the child.

The teenager told officials about the video. Timothy and Diane were arrested in September 2018 and then sentenced to prison a year later in September 2019.

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I am so glad that teenager had the sense to record this and give it to the authorities. This teenager just saved those kids lives! I am so glad he/she wasn't scare and didn't wait until they were grown to wish they had've did something. These people I stg did not get enough time for this crime of abuse to children. They should never be allowed out on the streets again to hurt another child. Its always the people of the Caucasian decent that: sexually assault and abuse foster children.. They should have a special law for this. Anyone abusing kids should get life.


I hope they meet their match in prison for how they done them babies