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Watch as a cop gets shot and screams in agony at a Circle K gas station. Cops get shot everyday, they're tough right

On April 19, 2022 around 10 p.m. there was a shootout at a gas station in Pinellas County, Florida between cops and 24-year-old Calvin Brockington. 

Calvin was at a Circle K gas station inside an SUV. Officers responded to the Circle K after reports of a domestic disturbance between Calvin and his girlfriend. 

The female reported that Calvin threatened her, therefore she went inside the Circle K bathroom and locked herself inside. 

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Officer Derr arrived on scene and attempted to make contact with the Calvin. THe suspect is seen getting out of the SUV and firing several shots at the officer. Officer Derr was shot in the arm, the shot incapacitated Officer Derr, he can even be heard screaming. 

Calvin is seen firing shots at other officers on scene. Calvin then went inside the Circle K and demanded a random customers car keys at gunpoint. 

Calvin got the keys and ran to the robbery victim's car. Calvin fires another shot at officers and gets in the car, fleeing. 

Calvin was able to drive on a highway during a high speed chase with cops, but he was eventually arrested and taken into custody on the same night. Several charges for Calvin are pending.