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Heralding video shows the moments this young hair dresser was killed before Christmas

Video shows when Ceyonna Morris, 20, was shot and killed on December 17, 2022 on Valeview Lane Charlotte, NC. Still no arrests have been made in her murder. Ceyonna was an up and coming hair stylist.

Ceyonna was shot around 6 p.m. in a neighborhood on Valeview Lane. Ceyonna is seen on video getting dropped off and looking around. Moments later someone shot her.

In the video, Ceyonna is seen on the ground shot. The actual moments of the shooting were not caught on camera. Ceyonna was transported to Atrium Hospital with life threatening injuries. Ceyonna died at the hospital.

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The homicide is being investigated. No arrests have been made. Ceyonna was a hair stylist in Charlotte, she was known for braids, extensions, weaves, and other designer hair styles.