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Wild video shows the moments an inmate and judge got into a physical altercation

Surveillance video shows 27-year-old Sidney Newsome attacking Judge Aubrey Rimes in Pike County, Mississippi criminal court.  

Sidney was in court for a domestic violence charge in January 2021. A decision was made in court that Sidney disagreed with and he went berserk.    

Sidney is seen angrily signing a paper. He then stood to his feet and had words for the judge. Sidney is being restrained by the female court cop. Sidney then breaks free of the officer while still handcuffed and throws a stack of papers at the judge.

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Sidney's mother and brother are in the courtroom and try to get Sidney to calm down. Sidney's mother even is seen jumping and screaming to attempt to get Sidney under control. 

Sidney is thrown onto a table, that is when the judge got up and physically subdued Sidney on the table until responding court police arrived to take control of Sidney and escort him out of the courtroom.   

Sidney was charged with contempt of court.