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Watch the moments a jail guard gets dropped by an inmate in the jail pod

An inmate identified as 29-year-old Arnulfo Meza is seen punching a female jail guard in the face at Los Angeles County Jail in Los Angeles. 

The inmate punched the jail guard after his left hand was unsecured from his waist chain when he asked to use the restroom. The 54-year-old Asian female guard was launched to the floor after handing the inmate toilet paper as she crashed into medical carts from the strong punches to the face.

The inmate continued the assault by punching her two more times in her face as she laid on the floor. The inmate then stopped his attack and sat back down on a hospital gurney.

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The jail guard suffered trauma to her face and head. She was transported to a local hospital, where she received treatment. She remains in stable condition.

The inmate was transported to a high security area and and is pending assault and hate crime charges. The investigation is ongoing.