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Video shows an inmate trying to get with a judge in court, he doesn't get a win

It is common for inmates to be interested in the first woman they see outside of jail. Inmate Demetrius Lewis tried to flirt with Judge Tabitha Blackmon on video during a criminal hearing in February 2021.

The court proceeding was in Broward County, Florida. Demetrius was dressed in a jail jump suit and handcuffs, yet he was still bold enough to take a love shot at the judge.

Demetrius probably thought he could maybe get a date with the judge.

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Demetrius was charged with several crimes. Once the judge called on Demetrius in the Zoom video orchestrated court hearing, he immediately noted how gorgeous Judge Tabitha was.

Demetrius says,

"How you 'doin', how you 'doin'. Judge you is so gorgeous, Miss Judge. I just have to tell you. You are gorgeous"

Judge Tabitha smiles and replies,

"Thank you Mr. Lewis. Flattery will get you everywhere, but maybe not here"

The judge then continues to list a barrage of charges that Demetrius is accused of. Demetrius is facing charges of attempted burglary and ecstasy possession.