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Video shows the moments an inmate in a wheel chair and neck brace ran for his freedom

Joel Sanchez Delgado, 41, escaped from the Pulaski County Court on March 7, 2022 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Joel was an inmate being transported to court by a police officer. 

Joel Sanchez Delgado

Joel Sanchez Delgado

Joel was faking an injury and said he needed a neck brace and a wheel chair. Jail guards believed him and provided the medical items to the inmate. As a jail guard is pushing Joel to court in the wheel chair, Joel jumps up from the wheel chair and bolts down the street. 

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The out of breath guard is heard saying: "I'm going to shoot your bitch ass!!"

The words have no effect on Joel as he runs out of the officer's sight. Joel was able to escape in a nearby taxi. A lock down was placed at eSTEM's downtown campus due to the search for the escaped inmate.     

Joel was caught hours later and taken back to the jail, this time not in a wheel chair and a neck brace. Joel now faces an escape charge in addition to his other charges.