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Watch as the inmates steal the guard's ham sandwich lunch and then kill 2 guards during this prison escape

Court trial started on June 1, 2022 for inmates that murdered prison guards Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue in Putnam County Georgia. Ricky Dubose, 29, and Donnie Rowe shot the 2 guards in the head, killing them.

Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose  

Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose  

Ricky and Donnie were inmates on the prison bus. The bus was stopped at a prison for an inmate pick-up. The guards left a bus full of 30 inmates on the bus alone. Ricky and Donnie then quickly hatched a plan for a great escape.

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The 2 inmates used a pen to free themselves from the hand and waist shackles. There was a metal door gate separating the inmates from the front of the bus, Ricky and Donnie then used the pen to unlock the door gate.

Once the inmates had access to the door, they rumbled through the guards' snacks and lunches. They even shared the food with other inmates. The temporary freedom inspired food consisted of ham sandwiches, candy, and almonds. The inmates then sat back down and waited to strike.

The guards later come back to the bus with new inmates to load onto the bus. Once the new inmates were loaded and the bus was down the road a fair distance away from the prison, the inmates made their move.

Donnie and Ricky move to the front of the bus, get out of their handcuffs and burst through the gate door. The guard slams on the brakes. Donnie and Ricky then beat the guards with prison hard metal heavy shackles.

The inmates then steal the glock gun from the guards and shoot both of them in the head. Both guards were shot 3 times each in the head. The other 30 plus inmates on the prison bus watch in amazement.

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Some inmates even move to the back of the bus, away from the shooting and murders.

Donnie and Ricky then kick open the main bus door to escape to freedom. With no where to go, the 2 inmates carjack a man driving a Honda that was inadvertently stopped behind the bus.

The man left his cell phone in the now stolen car. Donnie and Ricky sped off down the highway.

Surprisingly, no other inmates tried to escape or make a dash for it, even with this once in a 'prison life' opportunity. The carjack victim had to walk a half mile to a store to call police.

The inmates had no way of calling 911. A radio was on the bus, but none of the inmates used it.

Police finally arrived to the scene 20 plus minutes later. The escaped inmates were long gone by then. The guards Christopher and Curtis died on the scene.

Ricky and Donnie stole at least three different cars while on the run, they also broke into a home and tied up the couple who lived there. The inmates were finally caught in Tennessee several days later. 

Donnie had his trial and was sentenced to life in prison, the jury could not reach a decision to give him the death penalty.

Ricky's trial began on June 1, 2022, lawyers say an abuse filled childhood that included molestation left him mentally ill.

Ricky was already serving a 20 year sentence for a 2015 armed robbery and assault. At the publishing of this article, the trial for Ricky continues.