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Video of a mall shooting shows a latino teenager shooting at cops, he dies

19-year-old Sebastian Sepulveda Roman died after exchanging gunfire with officers near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, Fl. The video was recently released in June 2022. Sebastian died from shots fired at the Olive Garden restaurant. 

The actual shooting was on May 28, 2022 in the Mall at Millenia. An officer saw Sebastian in the mall with an unsealed container of alcohol, the officer stops Sebastian and tells him it is illegal to be in public with an unsealed bottle of alcohol.

The officer then discovers that Sebastian is only 19-years-old and not even old enough to consume alcohol. The officer confiscates the alcohol and escorts Sebastian out of the mall.

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As Sebastian is leaving the mall, the officer asks to search the teenager's bag, Sebastian refuses and the officer sees a jar of marijuana in the bag.

Sebastian then runs and fires several shots at the cop. The officer continues to chase the suspect across the street to the Olive Garden restaurant.

Several more shots are fired and the teen is shot in the Olive Garden parking lot, where he died. Cops say, Sebastian shot and killed himself. It is not clear if any officers were shot.