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Watch as a truck theft suspect escapes from jail and slides out of his handcuffs

On August 15, 2022 Jesus Jimenez escaped from the New Mexico State Police station in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Jesus was arrested on a stolen vehicle charge, accused of stealing a truck.

Jesus was placed in handcuffs and taken to the police station for questioning. Jesus was placed in a interrogation room style holding cell where a cop asked him questions about the alleged stolen truck.

The interrogating officer then leaves the room to do arrest processing paper work. The officer closes the holding cell door and locks it.

But for some reason the lock did not latch properly. The officer thinks that the door is locked and he walks off.

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Jesus was aware that the door was not locked, and he is seen opening the door with his handcuffs still behind his back.

Jesus stands at the door looking around and listening. Jesus then makes his move through the hallway to the exit.

The suspect is seen shimmering his hands halfway through the handcuffs. Jesus then opens the exit door and walks out of the jail a free man.

Jesus then fully takes his hand out of the handcuffs and puts his hands to his side. He walks off of the jail property normal, so as to not draw attention to himself as an escaped inmate.

Several minutes later the officer realizes that Jesus is gone. The frantic officer has a nervous look on his face as he searches hallways and looks in doors while on his radio advising that the suspect vanished out of thin air.

A be on the lookout was sent out to officers city wide. Hours later Jesus was caught at a motel parking lot.