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Man on fire!! Video shows cops torching a man to full body fire after tasering him during chase

Gripping video displays a man being set ablaze by police after being shot with a taser. The fire occurred during a high speed chase in Arkansas on October 13, 2022.

Christopher Gaylor, 38, was riding a motorcycle when police tried to pull him over for a license plate violation. Gaylor refused to stop and instead he sped down the highway.

Cops give chase. Gaylor eventually drives onto a dirt road and jumps off his motorcycle. Gaylor is running away as he has a gallon of gasoline in his backpack.

Video below shows a cop being burnt to a crisp after a fellow cop shot a taser at a gas pump.

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As Gaylor is fleeing on foot, a cop shoots him with a taser, which then set Gaylor on fire. Video shows Gaylor's entire body engulfed in bright fiery flames.

Gaylor is seen running and screaming in pain. Gaylor stops, drops, and rolls to get the fire out. Another cop approaches and uses a fire extinguisher to water Gaylor down.

Gaylor was taken to the hospital with 3rd degree burns. When he is released from the hospital, he will face charges of felony fleeing, failure to register a vehicle, no liability insurance, driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving.

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