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Watch the moments a car theft suspect was shot and killed at a Charlotte area car dealership

New video shows the killing of Brandon Combs, 29, by Concord Police Officer Timothy Larson at a Nissan car dealership in Concord, NC. The officer was fired from his job shortly after the shooting.

Brandon Combs

Brandon Combs

The shooting was in February 2022. Cops say Brandon was attempting to steal a truck from a Nissan car dealership.

Officer Larson arrives at the scene and tells Brandon to get out of the truck. Brandon refuses and the cop opens the truck door, attempting to force the suspect out.

But Brandon quickly closes the door. Officer Larson pulls out his gun and points it at Brandon.

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The suspect then runs out of the passenger side door and into Officer Larson's police SUV. Brandon is seen in the drivers seat of the patrol vehicle and turning on the engine. 

The motor is heard revving up but the vehicle did not move. Officer Larson then fires several shots at Brandon, hitting him 5 times.

Officer Larson then calls into his radio, upon which he fired a 6th shot at Brandon.

Brandon died on the scene. The Cabarrus County District Attorney declined to charge Officer Larson in this case.

Officer Larson was later fired by the Concord Police Department, he was accused of being dishonest during the shooting investigation.

Brandon's family is now suing the city of Concord and the police department in federal court on claims of excessive force, assault and battery, wrongful and intentional death, and gross negligence.