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Watch a cop get hit in the head with an assault rifle gun, the suspect was shot dead

Paris Wilder, 38, is seen on video shooting at 2 Brevard County sheriff's deputies during a traffic stop in West Melbourne, Florida. The shootout was on August 30, 2021.

Deputy Brian Potters was shot in the leg and hit in the head with an assualt rifle. Deputy Tyler Thoman shot Paris dead on site.

The 2 deputies pulled over a vehicle during a traffic stop. 2 occupants in the vehicle get out and talk with the deputies. Paris is the 3rd occupant in the vehicle and is asked to step out and speak with the deputies. 

Paris exits the vehicle and immediately begins to fire an assualt rifle at the 2 deputies. Deputy Potters is shot in the leg. Paris is shot in the foot and runs around the police SUV to the back. 

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Return fire from the deputies also hits the assualt rifle Paris is firing with, and the suspect's gun jams.

Paris runs behind the deputies and hits Potters in the head with the assualt rifle. Potters falls to the ground and is knocked unconscious. Paris continues to beat Potters with the assualt rifle.     

Deputy Thoman then reloads his gun and fires several shots at Paris. Paris was hit and died on scene. 

Deputy Potters was shot in the leg, had multiple head lacerations, tissue damage, a concussion, and fractures to his orbital bone and sinuses from the shootout.

More than 61 bullets were fired in less than a minute.

Paris was a career offender whose record includes 40 arrests for charges that included armed robbery, aggravated assault, drug offenses, battery of a law enforcement officer, and attempted first degree felony murder. 

Paris also had two active felony warrants at the time of the shootout with the deputies.