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Video shows a cop getting blasted at point blank range by a man that had just murdered his ex-girlfriend

On February 11, 2022, around 2 a.m. Morris Jones, 36, murdered Shatifah Lobley, 29. Morris also shot 9 cops before shooting and killing himself. Shatifah was the ex-girlfriend of Morris and the mother of his baby child.

Morris first shot Shatifah and then called 911 saying that a woman had been shot by an intruder and there were multiple armed suspects inside the house, according to the above video.

The first officer to get there saw Morris standing in the open doorway directing the officer to the victim inside. As the officer got close to the front door, Morris fired a handgun and shot the officer multiple times.

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The injured officer was able to back away and find cover. A second officer on scene returned fire, causing Morris to go back into the home. Other officers arrived and set up around the home. Morris fired more shots from inside the home in the direction of the officers.

Morris then got into a vehicle parked in the garage and tried to leave by ramming a patrol car that was blocking his escape. When he was unsuccessful, he went back into the home.

At one point, Shatifah's brother walked into the open doorway holding an infant in one hand with his other hand raised in the air. Not knowing who this man was, officers ordered him to put the infant down and walk backwards toward them. 

Officers then went up to the front door to rescue the baby. As they reached the porch, Morris opened fire on them again. Four officers were hit by bullets and four others were wounded by fragments or ricochets. The officers backed away and took cover. Morris fired more shots at officers and one officer returned fire.

The Special Assignments Unit arrived on scene rescuing the uninjured baby by using ballistic shields; Morris also fired shots at those officers during the barricade.

The Special Assignment Unit officers unsuccessfully tried to get Morris to come outside. Officers used a camera to look in the home and saw Morris not moving. They went inside and found Morris and Shatifah both shot; they both died. It appears Morris first shot Shatifah and then shot and killed himself.

Four officers remain hospitalized. The other shot cops were treated and released from the hospital.