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Video shows the kids terrified as the suspect ran in their play space to hide from cops

39-year old Lamar Mitchell ran from police on November 2, 2022 and into a daycare in Warren, Ohio. He ran into the Precious Times Child Care Center.

It all began when an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Lamar because he had a warrant for felonious assault.

The suspect refused to pull over the vehicle. Officers then pursued after Lamar.

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Lamar Mitchell

Lamar Mitchell

The pursuit ended when Lamar crashed into another vehicle in the area. Lamar then fled on foot following the crash.

Lamar made his way onto the property of the daycare with cops in hot pursuit.Lamar went to a back door at the daycare and forced his way inside.

Lamar goes inside the daycare and runs through the hallways. He then goes into a child play room and dives over a small enclosed area where kids are playing.

Lamar almost flops full body onto one of the kids. Children can be heard crying and yelling in fear. Cops then attempt to taser Lamar.

Lamar is then arrested and placed into handcuffs.