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Watch as cops get their patrol car stolen, "Dude he has our car!!"

Newly released video shows the moments a police patrol SUV was stolen on February 19, 2022 in Southfield, Michigan. A suspect was in a stolen Chrysler 300 vehicle. Cops tried to pull the suspect vehicle over, but the driver led cops on a high speed chase.

Officers attempted a PIT maneuver and the Chrysler 300 came to a stop and was disabled.

The passenger in the stolen car exited the vehicle and put his hands over his head and laid on the ground.

The driver of the stolen car exited the vehicle and ran into the police vehicle. The officer told the suspect to get out, but the suspect locked the doors. The officer broke out the driver's side of the police SUV, but the suspect sped away.

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The officer was dragged and thrown to the ground by the stolen patrol SUV. A few minutes goes by with the suspect speeding down the snowy icy roads in the patrol vehicle.

Another police vehicle deliberately rams the stolen cop car and immobilizes it. The airbags deploy.

Additional cops arrived and pull the suspect out of the vehicle. One cop is cursing and unnecessarily tasers the suspect multiple times on his bare skin.

Some cops are even seen unlawfully punching and kicking the suspect when he is on the ground.

The suspect was placed in handcuffs and arrested.