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Video shows the suspect being shot at and tasered 4 times, cops mistook his phone for a gun

Maurice Littlejohn, 43, was shot with a taser 4 times and even shot at with a gun by police, but he stayed on his feet. The encounter was in San Diego, CA on July 7, 2022 at an apartment complex.

Police were called to South Meadowbrook Drive where Maurice was accused of assaulting someone.

Police arrived and told Maurice to drop a cane he was carrying, he drops the cane and then pulls out a knife, cops taser him and he falls to the ground. The suspect gets back up and throws the knife at officers. Maurice runs off, and cops fire gunshots at him as they mistook a cell phone he had for a gun.

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Maurice was not hit by the bullets and kept running. Cops catch up to the suspect on the street and fire taser shots at him 3 more times, Maurice did not go down from the taser.

Cops eventually have to tackle the suspect to the ground. Maurice was arrested and charged with assault with an attempt to commit a felony, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and using violence to resist arrest.