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This video shows a McDonald's employee slapping a female customer during a wrong order dispute

New video from a violent McDonald's encounter displays what happens when you hire the wrong people in the fast food industry. The video is new, but the incident occurred in August 2020 at a Indianapolis, Indiana McDonald's.

A female customer dressed in pink received a wrong order from the McDonald's staff. The customer is seen arguing with a female McDonald's employee. After several words were exchanged in the video, the McDonald's employee slaps the customer in the face.

The customer then tried to come behind the encounter, but she was held back by other employees. That is when the customer began throwing a slew of objects at employees.

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One of the employees was hit with a Coronavirus plexiglass barrier and ended up with a cut to her head. That worker had to go to the hospital to be treated for the laceration to her head.

The customer threw wet floor signs, a trash can, plastic order numbers, and even a big promotional sign. The customer is seen leaving the restaurant, but she came back within seconds and threw another wet floor sign.

The female customer was never arrested. It is not known if the McDonald's employee that slapped the customer was fired from the company.