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NFL star Richard Sherman, 33, was arrested on July 14, 2021 after he was seen on video trying to break down a door at the home of his father in law. The altercation was in Redmond, Washington.

Richard is accused of being drunk on the night in question. He and his wife had gotten into a verbal dispute the day before, and she left to go to her father's house temporarily.  

Richard was driving to his father in laws house and he crashed into a highway construction site on the way.

Richard arrived at his father in laws house, and that is where the confrontation began. Surveillance video shows Richard attempting to force his way into the home. Richard was also using profanity and appeared angry. Four people were inside the house. 

Richard is seen several times lunging his full body weight and strength into the door, in an effort to get inside. However, entry was not made. A man on the inside is heard saying to Richard "You better get the fuck out of my house." 

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Richard is heard saying "Come through bitch" multiple times and "That shit is cute from behind the door!!" 

Richard is then seen leaving the property. 911 was called and police spotted Richard and moved in to make an arrest. Police say that Richard resisted and a police dog was used to gain compliance. 

Richard sustained minor lacerations to his lower leg and ankle as a result of contact from the police dog. Police say they could smell an "Odor of intoxicant emitting from Richard's breath."

Richard was arrested and faces charges of domestic violence, DUI, resisting arrest and other charges.

Richard pled not guilty to the charges.

Richard has played 10 seasons in the NFL, including 7 with the Seattle Seahawks where he won a Super Bowl and 3 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. 

Richard is currently a free agent.