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New video released on November 11, 2020 shows an elderly man getting punched in the face repeatedly by an out of control homeless woman in Santa Ana, California.

The assault was on October 21, 2020. The victim was trying to help the woman after he saw her in a verbal altercation with someone else. The victim was in front of his apartment complex when he attempted to offer a ride and living assistance to the suspect.

The suspect appeared to be agitated as she asked the victim for money. The victim did not know the suspect and had never seen her before. The victim refused to give her money and told her to leave. The suspect then grabbed him by the shirt and punched him several times in the face and head using both fists.

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The suspect walked away from the location in an unknown direction and is still being sought by police.

Here is video of a Los Angeles cop getting beat up by an armed suspect at a police station.