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Watch this hilarious escape from police, the suspects allegedly had a duffel bag full of drugs

On October 15, 2022 a suspect in an Audi SUV escaped from police. The traffic stop was in Arkansas. The Audi was pulled over for speeding on a highway.

2 men are in the vehicle. The driver is asked to step out of the vehicle. The officer asks for both men's drivers license. Once getting the ID's the cop runs a search of the 2 licenses.

The driver had a history of speeding tickets and he had just graduated law school, so he says. As it turned out, dispatch reported that the male passenger had a criminal history of murder, attempted murder, robbery, and other crimes.

The officer asks consent to search the vehicle and the driver refuses; the driver has a constitutional right to refuse searches. The officer then puts the driver in the back of the patrol vehicle as a detainment.

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That is when the passenger is seen jumping to the driver's side of the Audi SUV and speeding off. For a few seconds the cop doesn't even realize that the SUV left the scene.

Seconds after it is too late, the cop finally recognizes that the SUV is many feet down the highway. The cop pulls the original driver out and away from the patrol vehicle. The cop then pursues the Audi SUV down the highway.

But within seconds the cop loses sight of the suspect vehicle. Mean while, the original driver begins walking to the nearest exit after being left on the highway.

The cop eventually circles back around to find the original driver, but passes right by him unknowingly 5 minutes into the video. The SUV is later found wrecked on the side of the road, the suspect ran away on foot, allegedly with a duffel bag full of drugs before the cops got there.

The suspect ran into the woods and was not found. Nearby drivers can be heard telling the police officer that one of the suspects is at the gas station. The cop then pulls up on the original driver at the gas station, and he is arrested.

The second suspect is still at large.