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This video of sexual harassment got a police chief fired after he stuck up his middle finger and put a female employee in the head-lock

Wellington Police Chief Rory Bradley was fired in April 2021 on sexual harassment claims against a female employee in Wellington, Utah. In July 2021 Chief Bradley was criminally charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault, after he swatted at the butt of the female employee and put her in the headlock.

Chief Bradley sent inappropriate text messages to the female employee, swatted her on the butt, and put her in a headlock on city property. 

After an investigation in 2021, it was determined that the police chief should be terminated from the police department and city of Wellington. His conduct was in violation of personnel policy. His action warranted termination. The probe concluded that the police chief violated Utah law and the Code of Conduct applicable to law enforcement.

In September 2019 the female employee was attending a sexual harassment training session, she accuses Chief Bradley of touching her inappropriately and swatting her on the backside. 

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In July 2020 Chief Bradley sent the female employee a text message saying, "Only if you send me nudey pics."

During the investigation Chief Bradley acknowledged the authenticity of the text message and verified that it was in fact sent by him. 

In October 2020, Chief Bradley sent a text message to the female employee saying,

 "I only take payment in full frontal nudity?!?!?" 

In December 2020 Chief Bradley was seen on video putting the female employee in a headlock and swatting her in the butt area with a sheaf of papers. In the same video, Chief Bradley also stuck up his middle finger at the female employee and made gestures at her. 

Upon a investigation, the Wellington City Council voted for Chief Bradley to be terminated in April 2021, effective immediately. After Chief Bradley was fired, he was criminally charged with 2 counts of assualt. Those charges stem from the December 2020 video when he came in unwanted physical contact with the female employee.