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Newly released video shows a cop in Greenfield, Wisconsin being shot several times by 31-year-old Tyran Lamb. The suspect was on probation. 

The shooting was on August 22, 2021. A Greenfield police officer allegedly witnessed Tyran run a red light in a car. The officer activated his emergency lights and siren, attempting to stop Tyran. 

But Tyran did not stop and a pursuit began. Tyran eventually crashed with another vehicle at a intersection, and the air bags deployed. 2 police officers approach Tyran while he is in the wrecked vehicle and demand that he show his hands. 

Tyran then shoots at the male cop, hitting him in the hand. The cop retreats behind a truck. Tyran then runs out of the car and fires several more shots, the gunfire hit the same officer in the chest and leg at point blank range.   

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Tyran is seen on video running away. Police say Tyran was killed later by return fire from officers, although the details on exactly how Tyran died are still vague at the moment. 

The injured officer is seen on video bleeding and telling his female co-officer not to let him die. The officer who was shot is now recovering at home and hopes to make a full recovery.  

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