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On March 17, 2021 video shows that four women got into a fight with Popeyes employees at the Lantana, Florida location on 7049 Seacrest Blvd. All over fried chicken.

The fried chicken brawl was the result of a dispute of some sort. 4 women were seen attacking employees in the drive thru at the Popeyes. Initially during the argument one of the suspects spat at the Popeyes employees. The attack by all four female suspects then followed.

Several punches and slaps were thrown and one suspect was even seen grabbing money from the cash register, all while Popeyes employees are seen hitting the suspects back.

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As the women drove off, they sprayed pepper spray into the Popeyes. Several customers and employees began to cough and leave the restaurant to regain breath.

There are many videos on the internet of Popeyes employees across the United States fighting customers, wow great customer service-- no thanks!!