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33-year-old Nicholas Giardini was arrested on August 15, 2020 after he allegedly carjacked two men at a car dealership in Willoughby, Ohio.

Nicholas entered the dealership, grabbed several keys off of a desk, and attempted to use them to start other cars, police say. Nicholas then allegedly carjacked a 70-year-old male customer and a car salesman that were sitting in a 2020 Volvo.

Another dealership employee fired one round from a handgun, which hit the driver's side of the stolen vehicle. The employee is a concealed carry permit holder.

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After a high speed chase, the Volvo became disabled after Nicholas lost control of the vehicle and crashed. He was arrested. Several used syringes were later found. Nicholas is charged with Robbery, Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Vandalism, and Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments.