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New video released on June 29, 2021 shows Frankie Jennings, 32, being shot and killed on his birthday by United States Marshal Eric Tillman at a Citgo gas station in Charlotte, NC. Mecklenburg County District Attorney Spencer Merriweather has refused to press charges against the U.S. Marshall that killed Frankie.

Frankie Jennings

Frankie Jennings

Watch video of another shooting at the same Citgo gas station between 2 men.

On March 23, 2021 Frankie was pumping gas at the Citgo gas station at the intersection of The Plaza and Parkwood Avenue in Charlotte.  

It was Frankie's birthday and he was with a woman at the Citgo.  

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U.S. Marshals were watching and following Frankie due to active arrest warrants he had. The video shows several unmarked U.S. Marshal vehicles speed into the gas station. 

Several U.S. Marshals exit the vehicles and run towards Frankie screaming and shouting. Frankie is startled and in a panic, Frankie runs to his car and gets in.  

Deputy Tate Mills and Senior Inspector Eric Tillman engaged with Frankie in a brief struggle at the driver’s side door of Frankie's car. 

Prosecutors say that during the struggle, Frankie was able to put the car in gear and the car began to move forward at which point Eric Tillman fired three shots from his service gun at Frankie.

Frankie was shot 3 times and pronounced deceased on the scene. A loaded Ruger P94 40S&W semi-automatic hand gun was located in the center console cupholder of the car Frankie was in according to Mecklenburg County District Attorney Spencer Merriweather.

District Attorney Spencer says the U.S. Marshal feared for his life and thus won’t prosecute U.S. Marshal Tillman.