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Tehrron Greene, 22, was arrested on March 2, 2021 charged with beating a hotel manager in Miami Beach, Florida and it was all caught on video. The attack was at the Riviera Hotel in February 2021. The vicious fight severely injured hotel manager Zachary Burke.

Manager Zachary suspected a fraudulent credit card transaction regarding a purchase Tehrron and his friends were attempting to make. Zachary asked the group to leave the property, but Tehrron had other plans.

Tehrron became enraged and jumped the counter viciously attacking the manager. Once the suspect jumped the counter he made his way to the back office where he repeatedly hit the manager in the face.

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The fight left Zachary with a bruised and swollen face. Zachary is seeking treatment for a possible broken orbital bone and damage to his left cornea, official documents say. Tehrron is facing a burglary with battery charge.