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Watch as Tyshawn Benjamin leads cops on a chase and is then shot and killed

New video shows Tyshawn Benjamin, 25, being shot and killed by police on September 13, 2022 in Rock Hill, SC. The situation began with an alleged stolen SUV out of Charlotte, NC.

Tyshawn Benjamin

Tyshawn Benjamin

Tyshawn was driving the SUV in Rock Hill. A license plate check revealed the vehicle was allegedly stolen. Cops initiated a traffic stop, but Tyshawn accelerated and a high speed pursuit began.

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The chase led to Interstate 77 as Tyshawn drove away from police. Tyshawn then got off on a exit and drove into the parking lot of a fried chicken restaurant.

Tyshawn then quickly exited the parking lot and drove a few miles to another business parking lot.

Cops then boxed the SUV in. Tyshawn is accused of using the SUV to ram the officer's squad cars, a cop then fired multiple shots at Tyshawn, killing him.

Police say that the shooting was justified because the officers could of died from Tyshawn's actions.