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Watch as cops chase 2 stolen vehicles, a few suspects escaped from police

A wild police chase occurred on June 26, 2022. Two Hyundai vehicles were stolen and were seen running from cops during a chase in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

A silver Hyundai and a blue SUV Hyundai were stolen by thieves working in collaboration with each other. The vehicles were reported stolen. Officers spotted the stolen vehicles and initiated a high speed chase over 90 mph.

The 2 stolen vehicles raced through city streets to get away from cops. The silver vehicle eventually stopped and several black suspects were seen running out of the car in different directions. Two of the suspects were teen girls. A male was seen running from the vehicle too.

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The blue SUV then circled around and stopped. The male from the silver car then jumped into the back of the SUV, the teen girl tried to get in also, but the SUV pulled off in order to avoid a pursuing officer. 

The teen girl is seen running from cops through a field and across a police dash camera. She was caught several minutes later.

The SUV is seen driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic during the chase. Cops have trouble keeping up with the suspects. The chase was called off by upper command due to safety concerns.

Once the chase is called off, some officers can be heard using profanity in frustration.

The stolen Hyundai SUV is seen escaping from police during the chase.