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Watch a man drag a police officer with an SUV in gas station parking lot

Newly released video shows a police officer being dragged by a SUV in a gas station parking lot in Cabot, Arkansas. 22-year-old Mallory Lawson is the suspect. 

The chase is from October 6, 2022. At 10 p.m. Cabot officers spotted a maroon SUV at a gas station, the SUV was reported to of ran from cops in September 2022 and got away.

Cops then approached the SUV and opened the passenger door. The driver then sped off while Officer Starks was hanging on to the passenger's side door.

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Officer Starks was dragged by the SUV several feet in the gas station parking lot. The force of the SUV then knocked Officer Starks to the ground.

The suspect Mallory had a felony warrant and his driver's license was suspended. Officer Starks sustained injuries to his right side when he fell from the suspect’s vehicle.

Other officers on scene chased the SUV onto the highway. Cops eventually used a pursuit intervention technique by ramming the SUV from the side. The SUV then loss control and came to a stop.

Mallory is seen exiting from the SUV and running away. A police cruiser followed Mallory and the suspect was arrested.

Mallory was charged with fleeing and eluding officers, reckless driving, marijuana possession, and other charges.