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Video shows a wild Walmart shooting in the electronics section with several women fighting

22-year-old Rojaanai Alston is seen on video shooting at two women that attacked her at a Walmart in North Versailles, Pa.

The rapper Dababy was involved in a North Carolina Walmart shooting that left a man dead.

Surprisingly Rojaanai was arrested and prosecutors were too stupid to recognize it was self defense. The surveillance video from the North Versailles Walmart clearly shows two women attacking Rojaanai in the electronics area of the store which led to hair pulling, fighting, and shots fired.

Rojaanai was first charged with attempted homicide and then charged with aggravated assault.

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A male companion of Rojaanai tried to break up the fight to no avail. Rojaanai then shoots at both women with a 9mm gun, hitting and wounding one of them. Initially Rojaanai fired 5 shots, but when one of the attackers came back in Rojaanai's direction, she fired two more shots. Rojaanai had a conceal carry permit for the weapon.

Prosecutors in charge of the case say:

"Self defense is a situation where you're in danger of death or serious bodily injury, and Rojaanai clearly was at one point. But after she pulled that gun out and the attackers ran away, that danger is now over."

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