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Video shows another black man being killed by a white cop. Now riots and looting could break out again across USA

Daunte Wright, 20, was shot in the chest and killed by a white female police officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 11, 2021. The officer is identified as Kim Potter. Daunte is a black man. Brooklyn Center is very close to Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed.

The shooting could spark tensions and riots similar to the George Floyd murder aftermath.

Daunte was pulled over for expired tags and having a scent tag hanging from his rear-view mirror, all of which is illegal in Minnesota. 3 police officers approach the white car that Daunte was driving.

Officers ask Daunte to get out of the vehicle, he complies. A male officer is seen putting handcuffs on Daunte and attempting to place him under arrest. Officers on scene said Daunte had a warrant for his arrest.

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Daunte is seen tensing up and he then pulls away from the officer putting handcuffs on him. Daunte jumps in his car while the officers are trying to stop him.

Officer Kim is seen pulling out her gun and yelling I am going to tase you. The same cop screams taser, taser, taser; she then shoots Daunte once in the chest with her gun. Daunte was still able to pull off, but he wrecked moments later and then died from the gunshot wound.

Officer Kim says the shooting was an accident, saying she thought she was firing her taser and not her gun. Officer Kim has been placed on administrative leave.

Daunte's death is classified as a homicide. No charges have been issued against Officer Kim. United States President Joe Biden weighed in on the matter after viewing the video saying:

“We do know that the anger, pain and trauma amid the Black community is real. But does not justify violence and looting.”