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Video shows a woman using a fake ID to steal $30,000 from a Chase Bank victim's account

In March 2021 Mimi Moss had $30,000 stolen from her Chase Bank account in Duluth, GA. Video shows a white female suspect using Mimi's private information to get into her Chase Bank account.

The mask-wearing female suspect walked into a Chase Bank and wanted to make a $30,000 cash withdrawal. The suspect had a fake ID bearing Mimi's information on it. The suspect also had credit cards with Mimi's information on it.

The Chase Bank teller is seen processing the suspect's $30,000 request. The suspect looks very calm and original during the whole encounter.

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At one point the Chase Bank clerk even turns the bank computer screen around to show it to the female suspect.

The suspect was able to withdraw $30,000 in cash from Mimi's bank account and the suspect is seen on video throwing her hands up in celebration. The Chase Bank teller is seen on video giving the suspect 3 envelopes with $30,000 in them.

The suspect places the cash in her purse and exits the bank.

Mimi saw the $30,000 missing from her account and alerted authorities. But 2 days later the female suspect struck again, stealing $40,000 out of Mimi's BB&T bank account. The suspect is unknown and hasn't been arrested.