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Waffle House scored an 86.50  B on a health and safety inspection on October 26, 2022. The Waffle House in question is located at 6637 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC.

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The inspector observed water dripping from a leaking condenser directly onto a uncovered container of raw pork chops. The pork chops had to be discarded.

In fact there were multiple uncovered raw meats stored in the reach in cooler. 

The dish machine only reached 150F after multiple runs. State law requires that the dish machine must reach a higher temperature to thoroughly sanitize dishes.

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Watch video here of flying roaches at a Waffle House in Charlotte on North Tryon Street.  

Containers in drawers that are used to store clean dishes were visibly dirty with food debris as well as the utensils and pans stored in the containers. Everything had to be re-washed. 

6 containers of hash browns cooling from overnight were cold holding at unsafe temperatures above 41F, the food was discarded. 

Diced ham, sliced american cheese, lettuce, hash browns, and sliced tomatoes were cold holding above 41F. All of the food had to be thrown away. 

Waffle House is notorious for doing bad on health inspections, various Waffle Houses have had rodents, insects, and all kinds of other things that make a restaurant dirty.