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On May 21, 2021 a Waffle House location had cockroaches and gnats during a failed health inspection which the restaurant scored a 56 F on. 

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The Waffle House in question is located at 5685 Bells Ferry Road Acworth, GA. Expired milk was found in the reach in cooler. An alive roach was seen during the inspection, along with a dead roach, and a lot of alive flies/gnats in the front area especially in the back kitchen area and near the floor.

Black mold was along the interior portions of the bulk ice machine. The ice machine had to be emptied, cleaned, and sanitized.

There was an overall lack of active managerial control and there was minimal effort to ensure adequate food safety or corrections were made to previous violations.  

Raw shell eggs were stored above ready-to-eat food. Chili and gravy on bain-marie was left uncovered while not in active use. There were dirty dishes stored as clean under the grill. 

This Waffle House location was not even in compliance with state food rules and regulations.

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The entire Waffle House was in need of deep cleaning.  

 Clean dishes were stored on heavily soiled dirty shelves and crates. 


See video of how flying roaches were at a Waffle House in Charlotte. 

The same Waffle House received an 88.50 B score due to lack of hand washing on a future inspection. 

Eggs with expired time stamps were inside a Waffle House. 

Another Waffle House had an employee that tested positive for hepatitis A.