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The Waffle House on 8635 Hankins Road Charlotte, NC is one for the record books. They had an food safety inspection on August 8, 2022 and earned an dismal 89 B. Might we mention that a dead rodent was found in this same Waffle House last year.

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The Waffle House even had to be shut down temporally due to the dish machine water not being hot enough. The Waffle House also had to close because 3 coolers were holding cold food above 41F, such as eggs, steak, tomatoes, and lettuce. The food had to be thrown away. 

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Raw eggs had to be discarded due to temperature abuse. Also the raw eggs were stored over ready to eat hash browns.

The air conditioning was not working in the morning. The hot water heater was not working either. The floors, walls, and ceilings in the Waffle House were in need of cleaning.